6 Reasons Why You Need a 3D Tour of Your Venue

Textur3D technology allows you to showcase all the benefits of your venue for business guests.
Textur3D’s tours have always been a brilliant sales and marketing tool for venues, but in the last year they have become vital as venues across the industry have been closed and site visits were no longer possible.
The move to virtual over the past year has led event bookmakers to rely more on digital methods for finding and booking event spaces.
So, as the industry reopens and we adjust to the new normal, here are six reasons why a 3D tour of your location should be high on your agenda.

Requests and conversions

Textur3D uses Dolls House’s 3D technology to showcase your event space to bookers. Textur3D not only increases digital engagement by up to 48% and increases conversions by 7%, it also saves you and the booker time and money, making it an invaluable sales and marketing tool.

Promote your position to international companies

Large companies across all industries are likely to book international events or lead departments from a global location. One of the largest corporate clients of HeadBox, a global media agency operating in over 120 countries, spends a total of £ 3 million on its annual calendar of events. By promoting your position with companies like these, you unlock potential bookings from any of their branches around the world and re-book when they have a positive experience.

Stay one step ahead

Place marketing is changing. A new generation is rising in the ranks of your corporate clients and in the ranks of your competitors. This means you have to be ahead of the curve to survive. Customers want information that’s instant, accessible on mobile devices, and highly optimized so they can find what they need with little effort.
3D technology unlocks event marketing seamlessly, always-on and technically stunning on any device. Whether your millennial customer prefers desktop, tablet, mobile, or even a VR headset, 3D technology is the most engaging way to present your offering.

Save time and money

Potential customers need to see your location before booking it, this is a fact. Without seeing your location first, how does the client know that this is what he is looking for? With a sales strategy that relies heavily on site visits, you’re almost certainly wasting time, money, and resources on customers who will never book your location.
With 3D technology, potential clients can explore the entire location online before applying. Textur3D allows you to incorporate any additional information requested by customers, such as brochures, menus, videos, floor plans and policies.
This means you get fewer questions that you can’t answer, and you can rest assured that customers who book a site view will actually want to book it.

Manage suppliers

3D models can also be used by vendors to decide which parts of the event space will work best for certain aspects, e.g. electrical points for AV, branding and floristry possibilities. This reduces the need for additional site visits and allows the booker to imagine how everything will work in the venue. It’s also a great tool for organizing the flow of an event for optimal efficiency.

Think sustainability

As the industry begins to open up, conversations about sustainability will once again be on the agenda. With Texture3D models, bookers can reduce their carbon footprint by reducing unnecessary trips to venues for on-site physical visits.
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