Prepping thoroughly is what everything boils down to

Whether this is a staged home or a empty property- be sure to prep the space thoroughly before you start scanning. If we see anything that seems like it needs to be addressed, we will take the time to do so while doing our initial walkthrough of the property.

  • Remove any stray coffee cups, fluff pillows, and prep decor so that everything can remain stationary throughout the scan.
  • Make sure everything is where you want it. Our camera likes objects to stay put, and moving them between scans can cause artifacts during processing.
  • Decide whether you want the lights on or off throughout. 9/10 We would recommend having the lights on in each room throughout the property.
  • Park off of your driveway. This will help capture the property without the worry of an obstacle in it’s way.
  • Open your windows and blinds. Nothing beats natural lighting.

It seems simple, but you would be surprised how small common things get missed. No worries though – with each property, we love doing a walk through all in the mean time seeing if there is anything that might affect your 3D tour.

Ready for a 3D tour for your property?