We had the distinct pleasure of working with Bishop’s Marine Transport on a large-scale video production project, capturing the journey of a $2 million yacht being transported from North Carolina to Florida. This was no ordinary assignment; it was a three-day on-site production that required meticulous planning and execution.

The project began at the pickup site, where we filmed the initial stages of the yacht’s journey. Our cameras captured the careful preparation and loading of the vessel, highlighting the professionalism and expertise of Bishop’s Marine Transport team. The grandeur of the yacht, set against the backdrop of the North Carolina landscape, made for some truly captivating footage.

As the yacht began its journey, we were there every step of the way. We filmed the vessel as it traversed roads and navigated back roads, capturing the logistical prowess involved in transporting such a valuable and sizable asset. These scenes not only showcased the yacht in a different light but also highlighted the transport expertise of Bishop’s Marine Transport.

Upon reaching Florida, we captured the final stages of the journey at the drop-off location. The safe arrival of the yacht was a testament to the skill and dedication of Bishop’s Marine Transport, and we made sure to capture this in our footage.

This project was more than just a video production job; it was an opportunity to tell the story of Bishop’s Marine Transport and the exceptional services they provide. We are proud to have been a part of this project and look forward to helping more brands tell their stories through our video production services.